message stamp手作りハンコ

“A message to the person who eats”

Every time I took take-away orders at the beginning of the store, I have always wondered in what kind of situation and who would eat them. Sometimes I asked customers, and heard “to give a friend who will move house soon”, “to give staffs working hard” etc.

And then, I felt that I want to do something more to show their feelings and considerations for people who receive onigiris. So I started to stamp messages on wrapping papers. I made various kinds of message stamps, “Thank you”, “Good luck”, “Have a nice day”, “you can do it!”, etc.

I prepare onigiris with messages that customers want to show. This service requires a reservation. And I make an original massage stamp if customers order me in advance. This service is for giving onigiris, so stamps that customers order are stored in the store.

How to order message stamp


  • Original message production cost
    <In case you order more than 20 onigiris>
    from 500yen to 1000yen( I cannot give you the stamp itself.)
  • If you order from stamps that I own, you can order with no extra cost. (past works)
  • If you have a job of a package design of convenience store’s onigiri, please let me try. That’s my DREAM!

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