青おにぎり aoonigiri


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Rice cooked in an iron pot,
Fresh made, Live Onigiri


(Mon) close  (Tue) irregular  (public holiday) open

(Mon) close (Tue) irregular (public holiday) open

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営業日カレンダー business day

I work alone

I have some requests to guests
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation


  • Minimum order for 1 person (Lunch Time 11:30~14:30)
    2 Onigiris (or more) & Miso soup (sidedish)
  • After 14:30 you can order as you want
  • Large Group(5 or more)・・・I’m sorry but I can’t accept groups because I’m doing everything alone
  • Reservations not accepted


  • Possible from 1 onigiri
  • 3 or more Onigiris are packaged in classic style by bamoo leaf
  • After ordering, I make ONIGIRI by hand.
  • When there are many orders, you may wait for long time.
  • Reservation recommended
  • Please contact by Email by the day before (not on the day)

ショップインフォshop info
アドレスaddress 39-3 Shimo-minamidacho Jyoudo-ji Sakyo-ku, Kyoto Japan
電話tel fax 075-201-3662
メールmail Click here to send an Email(By the day before (not on the day))

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Nice to meet you, I am the owner of “Ao Onigiri”.
Ao Onigiri is located along the river in a quiet residential area of ​​Jodo-ji, Sakyo-ku.

At the counter, like a sushi restaurant, you can cook rice in an iron pot and order each one after you order it. You can enjoy a warm onigiri(rice ball) with miso soup and a small side dish.
You can also take out from one onigiri. If there are three or more, I will wrap them in bamboo leaf.
Each one is handmade, so it may take some time. Please note.
If you are in a hurry, please order by Email in advance.

Although it is often inefficient to cook rice in a kettle or to make it by hand, I think that “Onigiri” is better, so I enjoy it while enjoying the space that can be shared with customers. Of course, if you are in a hurry, we will do our best to accommodate you.

I think that onigiri is a food with different tastes, such as cooking, gripping, and salting. And I think that the best onigiris that my mother, grandmother, or someone close to me hold are the most delicious.
We can do “Ao Onigiri” next to your most delicious onigiri, next to the next, or a little more, so we will do our best to make you a delicious onigiri with heart. Thank you very much.

Toshihiro Aomatsu, the owner of Ao Onigiri


  • Original message production cost
    <In case you order more than 20 onigiris>
    from 500yen to 1000yen( I cannot give you the stamp itself.)
  • If you order from stamps that I own, you can order with no extra cost.(past works)

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MAIL:Click here to send an email
(By the day before (not on the day))

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