Ink painting “Blue Demon”

Drawn 3 days before opening the Ao Onigiri to decorate the wall in December 1, 2011.



Scarecrow is standing on the guardrail along the river opposite the shop. It was created with the thought of protecting onigiri shop as if protecting rice fields. Deterioration over time is terrible and suspicious.


BORO coat

This handmade BORO coat has been worn when selling onigiris loaded with a bicycle cart on the streets from the beginning of business. I patch-worked the cracks on a new coat. At first it was just a imitation,a BORO style, but now it is becoming a real BORO day by day.


Onigiri Shrine

There was a heavy rain disaster in 2015 in Kyoto. After a few days, I found this huge rock looked like onigiri at riverside. I accepted it as God’s message, and built Onigiri Shrine at the storefront.


Eating with reclining statue

There is no time more peaceful than eating food with reclining. It’s rude but very enlightenment.This is a parody of reclining Buddha statue.


Onigiri pen stand

At the store customers required to write own orders on paper by themselves. These pen stands are set on each table.


Wood carved Onigiri

These onigiris are made by the owner of the onigiri store, whose hands can not be injured, by using a chisel. It is good to practice to make onigiris.

Stand Up!おにぎりおきあがりこぼし

Stand Up! Self-righting Onigiri dolls

Onigiri dolls that always stands up with the hungry spirit even if rolled. Eat onigiris and stand up even if you feel like you’re going to get discouraged!


Japanese paper collage

There was a famous artist, Kiyoshi Yamashita who made great works by paper collage. He loved onigiris. Inspired by him, the owner of Ao onigiri made paper collage onigiris. It was very effective to express the feeling of rice and seaweed.


Rubber prints “Made by hand and eat by hand”

They are rubber prints on the front of the seat in the store. The owner carved them so that foreigners could see and understand it.